Tenacious D – Video Games Lyrics

[Intro: Jack Black & Kyle Gass]
Are you plugged in? (Yeah)
Alright, you ready?
One-two, a one-two-three

[Verse 1]
I don’t play video games no more, never play video games
Except for a little bit of God of War, never play video games
Maybe a once in a while, a little bit of Fallout 4
But that’s okay, not right now, I got things to do

[Verse 2]
‘Cause I don’t play video games no more, I never play video games
But Red Dead Redemption II, that is not a game
It’s an incredible journey through old American history
Fighting for your life and fighting for your family
Trying to live your days with honour and intеgrity
That’s not a game, that’s an adult thing
That’s not a game at all, that’s like fuckin’ Shakеspeare

You know I don’t play video games no more
Tiny bit of video game
I guess I still play fuckin’ video games

That’s it, that’s the one
It’s on the album