Jovanis Cain & Surf – What You Telling Her Lyrics

Against Cxntrol

[Verse 1: Jovanis Cain]
I’m like, « Baby, I ain’t cheatin’, for me, this is just a milestone »
I just lit the reefer in this room, now her mind gone
Call me when you need me, got location on the iPhone
She don’t think she need me, baby, tell me, what do I know?
I been at the top, I been at the top
Who this nigga think he is? He been tryna take my spot
Who this bitch think she is? I can’t cut off all my thots
Free my uncle, fuck the cops
Give me mouth, she give me drop
Huh, welcome to my world
Everybody, yeah, everybody in this bitch gettin’ paper
I don’t want her, so just take her
Know that shit so fake
I just get the cake, what my baby say?
What you tellin’ her? What you tellin’ her?
What you tellin’ her? What you tellin’ her?
Said she tryna pull up (Yeah), what you tellin’ her?
Said she wanna have my kids, what you tellin’ her?
Got the hottest in my cup, huh, I been sippin’ red
She gon’ wait on me, cool, huh, fuck her friend instead
She gon’ wait on me, cool, huh, I been gettin’ bread
Count up when I make my bed
Man, them niggas, they so fed

[Verse 2: Surf]
Yeah, what you tellin’ her for?
I just left the drugstore (Yeah)
Addy by the truckload
Bullets flyin’ everywhere, I hope that you don’t run slow
You can’t dodge no gun smoke (Yeah)
I hit ya, then it’s done-zo
My clothes (Clothes), they cool (Cool)
My bros (Bros), they cool (Cool)
These hoes (Hoes), they choose (Choose)
She eat me ’til she full (Full)
I win (Win), they lose (Lose)
Came in (Yeah) with tools (Tools)
I break the rules (The rule)
She spit (Yeah), she drool (She drool)
These hundreds (Hundreds), all blue (All blue)
You don’t get it (No), but I do (I do)
These diamonds (Diamonds), all VV (Uh-huh)
All water (Uh-huh), no pool (Uh-uh)
Go ghost (Uh-huh), no ghoul (Uh-uh)
Six figures (Uh-huh), no school (Uh-uh)
Two hoes (Uh-huh), no duel (Uh-uh)
But they show me what they do (Uh-huh, uh-huh)