[Intro: Nipsey Hussle]
Just tap in
And then we go
Old me

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
I found myself, foot on the gas, rev it (Rev it)
Motivation, rap, hustlin’ and dope sellin’
Block reverend, yeah
Block reverend, trip taken, risk taken
Anti-flick taken
Take a nigga bitch, taken
First class seats but goin’ places rappers go
But you ain’t a rapper though
So what make it special?
I’m askin’ questions, like « Is that girl yours? »
World tours (World tours, world tours)
But you don’t rap though
Ayy, big pimpin’, get that money off the track, hoe
Still hustle hard, but got money to relax though
Spendin’ blue hunnids up at Saks though
Selfmade, camе in through the backdoor
Not a act though
South Central, this the souls of black folk (Black folk)
What thеy got bangin’, smoke crack mo’
Souls of black folk
Purple Sprite and sip act’ more

[Verse 2: The Game]
Nip, what up loc? What they do up there?
You be proud of me, I just hopped off the jet in the bluest ash
Drove down to [?] last night, it’s like you was there
Almost flipped the Benz on [?] and joined you up there
LA been tricky as fuck lately, it’s all through the air
So many rappers dyin’, it’s like niggas outside playin’ music chairs
They killed Slim400, stabbed Drakeo
I been out the way though in Calabasas tryna lay low
Yeah, this can’t be the shit that our grandmothers prayed for
I been on my knees at night, I move when God say so
I know niggas try and prey on me, so I pray next to this draco
And nigga still out here runnin’ your marathon
This your beat, dawg, in a Hellcat with the desi on
Get this though, I been in the studio every day with your nigga Hit, though
Makin’ hits though
I miss you nigga, you know how this shit go

[Refrain: Nipsey Hussle]
World tours (World tours)
World tours (World tours)
Selfmade, came in through the backdoor
Still hustle hard, but got money to relax though
This the souls of black folk
What they got bangin’, smoke crack mo’
World tours (World tours)
World tours (World tours)