YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Freestyle Lyrics

I just ain’t want to stop talkin’ mane, I don’t know why
Mane, they probably [?] ’round this bitch or some’ mane

I don’t want to go through this no more, aye
I don’t want to hurt you, have to let you go, oh, I know
I hold it down, don’t never leave me lonely, don’t do me wrong
Big diamonds on me, mhm (Oh)
These times of the mornin’, I be lonely (Slime)
Oh, oh, oh (Aye, talk that shit Top)

Do you love me? Can I trust you? Do you deserve me? Do I erk you?
Keep that burner on me, run up on me I’m burnin’ some’ (Oh)
Can’t take this pain out my body, but fuck that
I got these diamonds on me, young nigga, I been shinin’ like a star
I know my body, fuck that
They took my daddy, but won’t comе take away my lil brother
Oh, 3, tell ‘еm I’m ’bout business, I hold it down around this motherfucka
Nigga, nobody else job but my grandfather, nigga
So fuck you think payin’ for everything for my mother
And my sister and my brother, nigga
I’m so fucked up, I made it out, I’m rich as fuck
And how I feel, I’m still caught up in the struggle, nigga
But shit, I’m great, they let my nigga out
My day one, Ddawg, that’s my fuckin’ brother, nigga
Huh, he’ll chase you down, twelve years old he knock one off
We had to sit ten years around, mane, mane
Tired of all these fake ass people ’round me, smilin’, tryna down me
All this pussy ass whisperin’, what you sayin’ about me
Bitch, let me catch like one thing, I put this on my momma, I’m too real
I get you inside my life, I’ma slime you, I’m gangsta, bitch
I’m danger, nigga, rip my uncle, he got hit all in his head tryna rob a nigga
This shit mane, it’s stranger, like my nigga Jim Morrison, everything strange
Even the women, when you don’t want to be with ’em or tryna get in it
Mane, I’m ready go back to prison, I ain’t, I ain’t got no love in this bitch
Ain’t got no great feeling, damn
I got that big Bentley, ride up in it and I swear to God I feel amazin’ in it
Been winnin’, nigga, opps on my ass, I got a bed, I got that bag wit’ me
Mad, I got them hitters put your face up in it, nigga
Mane, tell them boss niggas that was beefin’ wit me
Put four of his brother face on a tee, that bitch been sleepin’ wit’ it
[?], tell them ’em ’bout them niggas that was beefin’ wit’ me
Put four of his brother face on top his fuckin’ t-shirt nigga, huh
Mane, it’s Lil Top I keep my Glock, don’t want no problem wit’ ya, no
Just leave me ‘lone, just carry on, just carry on, I’m tryna move ’round
I don’t want you, just leave me ‘lone, I got a bad bitch in my home
Let me do anything I want, I buy her anything I want
She tell me anything to please me, gang
These pussy niggas ain’t ’bout nothin’, I put you straight inside my trunk
These you niggas Stevie, don’t wan’ see me, on God
What the fuck, why I’m up early in that mornin’
Everybody in this room don’t know nothin’ ’bout me
Or probably want to kill Ddawg, he dog somethin’
But I guarantee you I’ll kill something, I’ll hurt all y’all
Why? ’cause, you my motherfuckin’ hoes and I’m a big dog
I know you won’t even hold it down
Y’all followin’ the niggas that even salt me down
Bitch, I ain’t no clown, nigga, fuck y’all, I’m out my mind (Oh)
Let me hit my knees one more time (Oh)
I’m a soldier, I thought I told ya
I’ll run down on you (Come here)
I’ll run down on you (Bitch, get up, come here)
I get to singin’ them blues, how you get them blues
I make the sound wit’ my, I make the, I make the
Make the Glock make the tunes (Oh)
I got my Glock makin’ tunes (Oh)
These dog ass hoes don’t love me
I buy ’em anything, that’s why they sit up, put up wit’ anything
I gave her a ring and that bitch ain’t my wife for nothing
How I done came, just like a mane, I’m strictly thuggin’
All them times I was being lame, if I hurt you girl, I love ya’
They don’t want to see me ballin’, I been caught up in some trouble
Oh, I crack ’em, crack his dome
Don’t want to pay a nigga they motherfuckin’ money
Oh, oh, I get active, nigga
Bracelet on my leg, you pussy niggas know I’m comin’
Don’t do no runnin’, I’ll gun you down
Hit you, all back, you’ll hit your stomach, bitch
Oh, Lil Top, Lil Top (Kentrell)
I can’t even go right now, for nothin’ ( Ain’t goin’ for shit)
I can’t leave home right now, for nothin’ (I swear to God)
I wake up everyday, late night, mournin’ for money