Mariah the Scientist – 77 Degrees Lyrics Featuring 21 Savage

[Intro: Mariah the Scientist]
Seventy-seven degrees in the city tonight
Nothing else on my sleeve, pride and feelings aside
Too many thoughts, too many issues
Too many nights, I go to deprived
Too many nights without a kiss from you
Won’t even think to say good night this time

[Verse 1: Mariah the Scientist]
Let me, let me, let me guess
Know you ain’t alone, you probably with your ex-doll
She thinks it’s current, what a fucking mess, you
You hid around and hit me with a text
Where the fuck you at?
Stirring up commotion, why are you worried?
I’m steady poppin’ shit I do it well, I
I never ask for much, I know you heard me, I
I got no problem sliding by myself instead
Having motion, give it up for love and devotion
I thought it was me that you wanted
I’m caught in the heat of the moment
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Bridge: Mariah the Scientist]
Seventy-seven degrees (Degrees, degrees)

[Verse 2: 21 Savage & Mariah the Scientist]
I’m always on your time, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
I hope you really mine, I be moving on your (Girl)
Okay, arch that back, let me show you how it get (Ooh)
Can’t no pretty boy have you feeling like this (Ooh)
I’m a gangster, she like the way that I choke her when we kiss (Ooh)
I got her taking selfies with the blick
I’m coldhearted but I still show her love
I ain’t finna share you girl, you know that’s a dub
She say she outside with her friends and it’s up
That good dick’ll make her leave the club
I can’t even hide it, I got feelings for you (Feelings for you)
If they ever play you, know I’m drilling for you (Drillin’ for you), yeah
Girl, I got more chopsticks than Tao and Nobu
Cover you in diamonds like a real one ‘posed to
Huh, I’m just moving how a real one move
You make my day whenever you send me nudes
Broke your heart a thousand times and you still come through
I’m a FaceTime away, you know I’m coming to

[Outro: Mariah the Scientist]
Seventy-seven degrees in this city tonight
Nothing else up my sleeve, pride and feelings aside