[DJ Akademiks]
Keep it real with you, I don’t know what this nigga’s talking about
Like, bro, gangsta rap bro, and Doe Boy, come on
I love Doe Boy, Doe boy too, he funny as fuck
He makes the music I actually like, but come on, man
You tripping, Doe Boy? You tripping

[Unknown Person]
And another motherfucking thing, my nigga Doe Boy, he been rapping like that, nigga
Since 2010, nigga
Y’all better go listen to 19- since, since 1994
You feel me?
Y’all better go get him, nigga
Better go listen to all of his old shit, fuck y’all talking ’bout, nigga
He been rapping about robbing niggas and all that shit
That’s why he got a charge, ’cause he was really rapping about what he was living
Fuck y’all niggas talking ’bout, bruh
Man y’all better quit playing with my motherfucking nigga Doе, man
Like he just- you been just now started gangstеr rapping
First of all he meant, nigga
I was the first nigga in my city who rapping that gangsta shit
‘Fore everybody else start doing it
Fuck you mean, nigga? Fuck you talking ’bout?