Lola Brooke – Intro (2023 Flow) Lyrics

Helluva made the beat, baby

When I needed love from my pops, they imprisoned him
Would’ve been fucked if I didn’t grow as Dennis kid (I can’t imagine)
Prime example of loyal like I invented it (Huh)
He don’t put on for the gain, I don’t see or remember him (Who?)
They’re hoverin’ the sauce and the data
They never give a hand, rope or ladder (Haha)
I can’t speak the peace with that chatter (Nah)
I can’t seek the pеace with my bladder
Niggas movin’ wrong, can’t live in thеir honesty (Nah)
I don’t bend backs for these niggas, honestly (Honestly)
It took me years to leave poverty (It did)
Lost a soldier, no chance to say goodbye to me (Goodbye)
But this time around, I hold that shit down (Hold that shit down)
This time around, I up on that pound (Up on that pound)
None of my opps could terrorize the town (Terrorize the town)
Fuck up the club and duck from the sounds (Duck, duck, duck)
Come play with the clicky if you wanna see it skeet (Uh-huh)
Don’t play with the sitchy ‘less you wanna see it squeeze (Uh-huh)
Ussy be the wettest, turn him into aquafeen (Uh-huh)
It ain’t my thing to do my thing without my gang and not my team
W-w-w-word to mother, I be feelin’ so empty (So empty)
Word to mother, on my brother, he biggy (He biggy)
He could’ve been dead in the feds with a six piece (With a six piece)
As a kid was leanin’ off the edge, beggin’ ’em to get me

Rah-ta-ta, rah-ta-ta, rah-ta-ta
Big gator, uh, cannot be fucked with
Rah-ta-ta, rah-ta-ta, rah-ta-ta
Tone it down, with a bitch you can’t fuck with, hurr