[Skit: Just Vlad & Cardi B]
Yo what’s good, what you doin’, you goin’ through my phone? Nah you violatin’, wassup?
Oh, so you buyin’ bitches Birkin’s now?
Nah, she got that at Fordham
So you takin’ bitches out to Outback? You know I like that motherfuckin’ rib eye steak out there. Why the fuck would you take that bitch to my motherfuckin’ favorite restaurant?
Come on. It was on a TV commercial, I ain’t spend no real money
So you still fuckin’ with this bitch, huh? So this bitch think that she could take my man from me
No, no this is a girl from Bible study, come on
You got bitches feelin’ confident, huh?
Come on baby, wild, she buggin’. Naw, ain’t nothin’ like that, baby
Oh she buggin’? Now you gon’ see me fuckin’ go buggin’
Yo, you wildin’, chill out, chill out. Come on, baby, chill out, just chill out. Come on, chill out
I got you wildin’ right now, I got you wildin’ right now, give me a second
Come on, what you still scrollin’ for? Ain’t nothin’ in there, come on. What you lookin’ for?
Oh, so you took this bitch to your mother’s house?
Nah, come on, baby
You took her to your mother’s house?
She from Bible study, I told you
You know what? I’ma give you Bible now, I’ma send you straight to motherfuckin’ God!
Yo chill out, baby, come on, relax. What you lookin’ for?
I’ma send this nigga right to God, right now. Where the fuck I put this piece at?
What you lookin’ for?
I’ma show this nigga. I’m not the one to be fuckin’ with
What you lookin’ for? Chill out, baby. Just calm down
Where is it? Where is it? I can’t find it. Ha, got it
The fuck?! Where you get that shit?!