Let Me Kiss You Lyrics - Colours in the Street — Paroles de Chansons


Wait for the tone now
Speaking all alone now
Rust in the bones too
Walking on the avenue
Just for the moment
You’re the real opponent
Let me kiss you
Hide all the scratches
Hang to the branches
Move where the moon is
Like in the movies
Tell me about you
All I never knew
Then let me kiss you
I’m gonna step in the dirt and gonna wait to be hurt
Are we gonna fight in the dust a whole universe?
Ain’t gonna beg you for mercy
Ain’t gonna write you a song
‘Cause I’ve been waiting so long (Waiting waiting)
And maybe
I’ve been waiting so long
I’ve been playing all wrong
Now it’s almost two
Let me kiss you, now
All your friends understand
I am not your boyfriend
What is left to do?
Let me kiss you, now
It’s all in your head now
Get outta your bed
Baby, stop for a minute
Do it…