Mili – Between Two Worlds Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh, it’s this time of the year
A very so merry night we hold dear
So many, so many regrets bring me to tears
Not many, not many notice nor care
Oh, my saviour
Oh, why does a common fire hold so much power?
If only we could be forever naive and pure
If only we could lead painless futures
If only there could be a forgiving world

[Verse 2]
Maybe that was when
I chose to stay fallen
A star
A voice
A twisted thought
A touch
A kiss
A distorted dream
A well
A stone
A multiplying desire
A fruit
A sin
A holy mothеr
I’m infected, I’m infectеd
You have invaded and re-created me

[Verse 3]
Stepped over my body
Found a sunny spot
Curled into a ball
Spinning out the silk
From my head to toe
Inside the warm cocoon, I dreamt to be like you
Though I know there’s no undo
What do I have left to lose?

[Verse 4]
A sky
An earth
I fell into a crack
A birth
An egg
A freshly opened membrane
A cell
A rot
A face returned to ashes
An art
A wound
A sentient canvas

[Verse 5]
Breaking breaking breaking the shell
Breaking out, oh break it now
Show me how, show me how
Listen up, my broken child
Let’s lament (Let’s lament)
Let’s lament (Let’s lament)
The life, the death, the good, the bad
The never ending curse we cast
Control, control, control, release
Control, betray, control, let go
Conceal, reveal, unreal, surreal
Invoke, evoke, decode, reload
Let’s lament (Let’s lament)
Let’s lament (Let’s lament)
The past that only got to live in the incomplete holy land

[Verse 6]
Celestial (Ayiah)
We’re astral (Ayiou)
I’m reborn (Le rheaiah)
Total liberation (Katre o lamenta)
My tender skin
A vagitus song (Essential)
I breathed (Eventual)
And screamed (Eternal)
From my new lungs (Inevitable freeing of the soul)