Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

[Verse 1]
Why the desperate need for an applause?
I’ll wait
Is she the GOAT here? Well, it’s safe to assume
Everybody panic when I step in the room
And I can feel that shit a mile off
Niggas is rappin’ about pieces
People are really dying, is that what’s needed?
I can’t save your soul, you need Jesus
Tell me, please
Why the desperate need to be remembered?
Everybody know ’bout what you’ve done
How far you’vе come, I’m guilty, it’s a little self-cеntered
People change when it’s about personal gain
I stay in my lane ’cause I’m not done with these checks
Give me what I deserve and not speak on the rest
Don’t know what has occurred then do not aimlessly guess
It’s a gift and a curse to be this pretty and blessed

[Bridge 1]
(Blessed, blessed, blessed)
So blessed, used to plug that twenty-pound mic’ into the back of the Mac (Mac, Mac, Mac)
Just so you can hear my voice
Always knew this was my callin’ but I’m here by choice
And things change
Shit been dark for a minute I’m blessed, blessed, blessed
Delirious, it’s hard to function on this winners time (Blessed, blessed, blessed)
Mouths to feed, my nigga

[Verse 2]
Scripts to read, my nigga
Double life, livin’ overseas, my nigga, shit
Left home for it
Jazmine just had a daughter, man, she’s so gorgeous
Told me life is givin’ life and I’m so for it
Maybe one day
Nothing’s more important and family’s where the love stays
Dealing with society’s pressures is one thing
Let alone all of the problems that funds bring
But no stress
Understand it comes with the process
I follow my intuition ’cause it knows best
I’m so used to gettin’ it on my own, yes
I know my people wanna see me win, I’ll never let you down
Standin’ ovation for the one who’s wearin’ a crown
I got royalty In my blood, I was born great
Don’t allow anyone to undermine your fate

[Bridge 2]
You’ve awakened the fearless
High beams and lucid dreams
And don’t be so obsessed to me
You think you know what’s best for me
Take my energy, come to find there’s nothing left of me
Went from being small-time to becoming my own entity
Went from bein’ broke as fuck and tryin’ to find identity
To buyin’ the finer things and isolatin’ memories
What is it I’m meant to be?

[Verse 3]
I think I need a standin’ ovation
Over ten years in the game, I’ve been patient
God has always told me to be myself
Let go and free yourself
Tell the truth and shame Satan
Now I gotta pave the way for the next generation
That’s comin’ up under me and I love to see it
Thought I was bluffin’, didn’t see it comin’
Hol’ up, think this is cold? You ain’t seein’ nothin’
The glow up, all they discussin’
But I don’t let it distract me
Load the pen up, cockin’ back and get to bussin’
Standin’ up to who? I made the scene lie down
Get it how I live it, how it be’s right now
I got another twenty in the shit, I’m cemented
Take over businesses, tell the kids, “Start investin'”
We built the pyramids, can’t you see what we are blessed with?
From the hieroglyphics to the hood lyricist
The priests, the imams
The good books you live with, the Rumi quotes
The elder sisters, the tribal mantras
The Jazz players, holistic doctors
Spiritual teachers, doers, and the dulers
The protectors and the rulers
The kids of the future
The immortal soldiers and the fearless protest-protesters
The motivational speakers and the honest Black leaders
The divine healers, the every day low-paid believers
The overachievers in the shadow of the gatekeepers
Came down to teach us

Blessed, blessed, blessed
Blessed, blessed, blessed
Blessed, blessed, blessed
All these trophies in the crib, got ’em sittin’ nice
Blessed, blessed, blessed
Blessed, blessed, blessed
After all the hard work that we put inside
Everybody claim to be boss but I’m a different kind
Hate it or love it, we rise above it