The Source Lyrics - DBangz feat. Jay Zole — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1: Dbangz]
Name me somebody in rap I hear in the game that can do that shit like us
Turnt up in a brand new whip with a bag so full that my shit might bust
Pray the ones that are around me now never act out and betray my trust
All the hating online you did to me [?] take the bus
Might run up in a minivan, like Taliban and try to come take your stuff
[?] about me online [?] you can go look it up
I’ve been feelin’ so goddamn healthy lately, I really don’t give no fucks
Can we all give a round of applause to the one they made fun of for chasin’ the bucks
You can’t stay around me [?] and I see you ain’t runnin’ it up
The feelin’ of smokin’ the shit up in Cali, I feel like I can’t gеt enough
The feelin’ of makin’ that cheese so quick, it’s likе I done made it, went nuts
Y’all niggas better start callin’ me king, got the whole game [?]
[?] still pay us
How we still made stacks even though the radio never wanted to play us
How niggas try to talk all about that shit, but they never wanna really pull up
Finna get that Scatpack new this year or somethin’ like a Bentley truck

[Verse 2: Jay Zole]
Yes I’m back
Who want that smoke when I’m on the track?
I’m doin’ everything y’all boys can’t
Every time I speak, they say I snap
Bitch, I ain’t never give two fucks, but a bad lil’ bitch
My lyrics hit like a banana clip, that’s how I handle shit
Worked for years, this ain’t random, bitch
Persevere ’cause I had to, man
A year ago, I didn’t have no bands
Now I’m goin’ full platinum plaques
[?] motherfuckers start to understand that I ain’t no joke and I hope you know that I’m ’bout my dough
So I copped that ghost, so I love that ho’, that’s just how it goes
Stay on DND, don’t hit my phone, like woah
These rappers really thinkin’ they the G.O.A.T., but I don’t know
I never had time to take a break, I had to go
They hate on you ’til you make it, then they gon’ do the most
Curry with the three shit, I’ve been ballin’ like a pro
I ain’t never need nobody, I can’t see nobody (Woo)
[?] the way that I’ve been droppin’ bodies
She gon’ ride it, like a Kawasaki
Droppin’ bombs, like kamikaze
Motherfuckers they love to hate
But please tell me what you know about me

[Verse 3: Dbangz]
I was told I can’t give up too quick, so I gotta go nuts in the paint
The boy Dbangz tryna roll again like [?]
I said again, you cannot fuck with the man
Get that supply and demand
Imagine droppin’ that shit and then actin’ like you really out here makin’ a stand
Man, I might fly out just ’cause I can
Might take a one-way to Japan
See if they ever heard of “Anime Titties” and if they did, I’ll be like, “Damn”
Fucked on a 2D bitch out there
Somehow get that on cam
Hit a little bitch up, that shit I got shit right there from the fam
Try to pull up twin turbo with a bitch [?]
Finna write my shit like, “Goddamn, I ain’t never hit no shit this tight”
They type [?]
Finna turn up with a bottle of this lit, right
Now I’m in the back of the club, finna get sucked up
My bitch tellin’ I’m finna get right into tonight
But I will not bust to save my energy
Wanna hit me up late night, tryna give me cake, like a bakery
She handle the ball so well, like goddamn bitch, I’ma start callin’ you Kyrie
She wonders about how big my dick is all inside her diary
Give a nigga so much smoke, I feel like I might up and burst lung
I’ma shoot a bitch a text and tell her, “Go on where your time has come”
Real shit, gon’ pop out and make everybody [?] go so dumb
White bitch finna sniff white shit, that’s so white it look like you vote for Trump