This is the story of the world’s worst fall guy

[Verse 1]
Gather round! Today’s a momentous occasion
A tale of overcoming incompetence with determination
Showing if you lack skill, just compensate with desperation
Give it up for TimTheTatman, it’s time for celebration
Saying Tim was bad at Fall Guys is an understatement
Even booting up the game for him was an undertaking
So imagine the planet’s wonder and amazement
When he won we thought he must have
Been exchanged with a replacemеnt

[Verse 2]
He was the World’s Worst Fall Guy, a simple fact
Hе didn’t just drop the ball, he couldn’t swing the bat
With a lack of winning streak as big as that
You’ll never bring it back, but somehow he did
Give it up for TimTheTatman
The single crappest player we have ever seen
If his deficiency was a tree, it would be evergreen
A walking, talking, one fella yellow team
Reaching new levels of ineptitude with every stream

[Verse 3]
So if Tim can win a Fall Guys game
Then you can do what you need for your life to change
You can smash it at the gym, you can ask for that promotion
Chat to your crush, and just be more relaxed and open
And you’ll overcome all challenges, no matter if disheartening
You’re sure to beat your shortcomings thanks to Tim’s martyrdom
That’s some nifty marketing, crowns off to Fall Guys
And hats off to TimTheTatman, you’ve done alright

You’ve done alright
You’ve done alright
Timmy, you’ve done alright
Yeah, you’ve done alright