$UICIDEBOY$ & Shakewell – Went to Rehab and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt Lyrics

[Intro: Ruby Da Cherry]
You did good, $lick
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Ruby Da Cherry]
Glock is tucked, but the chopper ain’t
And I’m aiming for the horizon (Rrah-rrah-rrah)
Fully automatic, scope is damaged
So I plan on everyone dying (Kill ’em all)
Powder residue on my license
Mixed the cocaine with some ricin
Tears of blood roll down my cheek
And I can feel my lips start widening (Hehehehe)
Now the whole sky’s full of lightning (Oh)
Now all of the vultures arrivin’ (Oh)
To pick at the bones on the highway (Oh)
Cover my face up in white paint (Oh)
I need to hide, the law passing by
Police sirens give me a migraine (Oh)
Bingе drinkin’ only to stir up a purge
Yeah, I guess you can call mе a lightweight (Oh)

[Verse 2: Shakewell]
Hellcat trucks with the Forgiatos
I got fully autos on the nightstand (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
Got a black coat with a TP9
Swiss Uzi, B&T, the Taliban
These heavy hollows turn ’em Sleepy Hollow
No time for sorrow, I’m the black lamb (Baa)
From the badlands out to Japan
Hear it strike lightning when this backhand land
Damn, I be that half-man demigod
That’s why they call me Zeus
Mount Olympus couldn’t handle us
So I’m down with Hades, pourin’ bigger juice
Got a hunnid troops, we all takin’ sips (Woah)
Drop the coupe top, let the chopper spit
When you ten toes, ain’t no takin’ shifts (Woah)
I’ma spin the globe ’til there’s nothing left (Sip)

[Verse 3: $crim]
AR choppa hanging like a jury
Brad Pitt in a tank, Fury
Pull up, tweakin’ off a lotta med
Glock-17 shooting prematurely (Yeah, yeah)
I was pushing tar up in a hoodie
I been who them boys wanted to be
I’m who you avoid as a juvie
Twenty kicking doors up in Goodbee
Yeah, grey be the flag, my diamonds they brag
I hop in that big body like I do drag
Cancel me please, I rather be banned
Fuck all this rapping, I’d rather go scam
I’d rather get high, I’d rather go die
I’d rather just run and not even try
Revenge in my Drac’, pain in my eyes
Nailed to the cross, burn me alive (Wetto)