Brent Faiyaz – Dawged Em Skit Lyrics Featuring TTM Dawg

[Spoken: TTM Dawg]
Let me light my J on a bitch ass nigga
This ain’t nothing like this, this, this industry shit going on
This ain’t nothing like that, this shit real life man
And we bringing y’all real life
It’s larger than life
Free all them man, free all the soldiers
Put ten years in this shit, man, lost a lot
Shed a lot of tears
As long as my niggas here with me, we shining, nigga, we eating (What else?)
Know what I’m saying? What else? Y’all bitches with me, you know what I’m saying?
Oh, that’s your bitch? She was living the club with Dawg in a mint, you know, we went up again and again
You know what I’m saying? Done spitting right here, it’s a big Ben 10, you heard me?
Damn, days getting lit, just hit a Big Ben (Damn)
Fly young niggas walkеd in, having a Rick off, nigga
It’s too much Rick, too much Rick you can’t add it up, nigga
Having more Ricki than Lake, you hear mе? (What else?)