Brent Faiyaz – Tim’s Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Brent Faiyaz, Timbaland]
Sonder, Sonder, Sonder
(Ayy, Terk)
(Where’s the sheets and funnel at Spizz?)
(Ayy, Manny, this joint crank fool)
Marino Infantry
Yeah, uh-uh (Yeah)
Yeah, uh-uh (Uh)
Livin’ larger than life (Yeah)
Welcome, uh, ladies and gentlemen (Ladies)
To something that’s (Uh) larger than life (Ayy)
Yeah, Timbo The King (Ayy, ayy)
Larger than life
You ain’t see it comin’, did you, baby? Nah
Let me show you one time
That be, larger than life
Smoke weed, baby

Bitch, I’m ninety-nine overall
Bitch, I glide when I walk (Mhm)
Why you smile whеn I talk? (What you lookin’ at?)
Why yo’ eyes in my car?
Tryna see if I make room for you
Girl, it’s always room for you and your wholе group
What you go through?
‘Fore I let you have your way, you would want to stay
You called, okay (Livin’ larger than life)

Livin’ larger (Uh, larger than life, yeah, larger than life)
Larger than life (Larger than life, yeah)
Larger than life (Larger than life)
Larger than life (Yeah, larger than life, uh)
Larger than life (Larger than life)
Larger than life
Larger than life