(Young Rich Squad)
(The Crimson Chin)
Okay, alright
Yo’ yo’, yo’ yo’, yo’ yo’
Aight, yo’

My bitch is bad, but she won’t stop the texting me
Act like a referee
Bitch, come have sex with me
I don’t wan’ fuck you unless you gon’ beg for me
Let’s get you tested, I can’t get no STD
Met yo’ bitch sister, they both be obsessed with me
Opp niggas mad I got rich and successful
They hoping and wishing the cops would arrest a G
We find ya’ house and address to address it, G
Rest in piece Bank, in the bank I be flexing
Might buy me a Tesla, self driving be extra
Big Mr. Trap, they know I’m a professor
I ain’t go to college, still teach you a lesson
Scale it, I’ll flip it, I know how to stretch it
The Glock almost silent, I use the suppressor
Mail it and pile it, the shit can get violent
These bitches wilding, they know I’m a flexer
Oh, what should I drive today?
Gucci, Louie, Fendi, Prada day
Wait, you do not Gotta hate
Why you niggas isn’t proud of me?
I’m on the block today
Choppas out, I got a Glock today, bow
You could get hit my nigga
So just know there isn’t stopping me
My bitch pussy taste like red light sabers
Big dick fucker like a red light saber
Dark side, feeling like I’m Darth Vader
Yo’, rich on my b-day
I don’t do, um, um
I don’t do v-day
I don’t have valentines
You wanna meet me? You gotta compromise
I need some privacy
I’m in that Benzo stackin’ my bands up, please don’t bother me
I keep that .44 under that seat ‘case they try robbing me
I told my main ho’ if she love me, baby, don’t lie to me
Said that she just want me for money and that’s alright for me
Baby ride for me
She gon’, she gon’ ride with me, haha
Nod with me if you feel that rock with me
With me, with me
Need someone who’d die for me
With me, for me
With me, for me
Either way, you with me