[Intro: KYLE]
Yeah, all I really want is girls
Yeah, ayy

[Verse 1: KYLE]
Dang, yeah
Hey yo, I’m Kyle, what’s your name? Yeah
Oh, you a Libra? I’m the same (That’s a lie), yeah
You got a man, oh cool, that’s great (Oh cool, that’s great, that’s great, that’s cool)
Bitch, quit playing, haha
You niggas salty, Himalayan (Himalayan), yeah
I mean, I guess I get ’em mad (I mean, I guess)
‘Cause I’m rich in real life, not Instagram, damn
Boom, bing, bam, bam
I ain’t got a preference, huh
Little booty, big booty, makes no difference
Any direction, yeah
East of North, down South, or the West end
Black, Asian, Caucasian
Latiesha’s and Kaitlyn’s
On work or vacation
Amazing, yeah

[Chorus: KYLE & Rico Nasty]
Girls in the morning, girls in the evening
Girls on a Monday, and on the weekend
Yeah, see, all I really want is girls, yeah
‘Cause in the morning, it’s girls (Hey)

[Verse 2: Rico Nasty]
Oh yes, I’m Rico, what’s the name? (Huh)
Make ’em ice my neck, you’d think I was in pain (Woah)
She got that foofoo, she can’t wear it in the rain (Ew)
What? What? I like boys
B-Boys that know just how to spend that cash
Find out he bluffin’, I leave quicker than The Flash
Act like I’m an Aries, we compatible, he’s a Sag’
Don’t test me, don’t test me, I might spazz
If he know how I like it, he gon’ put me on a private
Please don’t tell me, « No », ’cause you already know how Rico get
Need your card, what’s the PIN? I’m running it up again
And if he not cashin’ out, don’t tell me how much to spend
Boys are annoying, they hella clingy
I never wanted, I never needed any boys (Ew)
Ain’t never stressing over boys
Need a real nigga, not a boy

[Outro: KYLE]
Yeah, see, all I really want is girls, yeah
‘Cause in the morning, it’s g—…