Toosii – God Loves Me Lyrics

Da-da-da, da-da-da
Da-da-da-da-da (Da-da-da-da-da)
Da-da-da-da-da (Da-da-da-da-da)
Da-da-da, da-da-da
Da-da-da, da-da-da

[Verse 1]
Forgive me, I’m sinnin’
We still winnin’
My first thirty K, I spent it at the dentist
I got tired of frontin’ ’bout my cell life, my bad life, I’m grinnin’
Fuck the Lamb’ truck pull off, when it go, « Skrrt, » they know I’m livin’
I been at it for a minute
How you mad about my feelings
How you mad about my feelings, I’m the one who was the realest
Off this rappin’, made a killin’
I done seen too many killings
I done seen too many chicks that double back and I don’t feel it
I don’t feel it at all
I know they mad that we ball
I’m claustrophobic, around too many feel like I’m trapped in the stall
And I’m a extrovert I’d rather be in the trap than a war
I’m from the trenches where my granny always prayed for a song
I say a prayer, like, « Lord, pleasе protect me from the еvil, you know I’m an empath, I be reading through people
I don’t think I’m better than no one, I think we equal
And the firearms I tote, they all legal”
You know I be prayin’ for my health, and I’m prayin’ for my wealth
So I go hard, pray the label just don’t put me on a shelf
Lot of sinnin’ so the way I got a lot under my belt
He ain’t here yet
When he here, won’t he ask me, « Is we there yet »
I could’ve shed tears to this one
I think they gon’ feel for this one (Oh-oh-oh)
Everyday I wake up, pray for better days
One thing that I know, God love me more than he did yesterday

[Verse 2]
Tryin to invest into condominiums
She just tryna find out what’s the condom size
Fuck my lady now, they weren’t there when I was down to ride
Baby mama, she the only one, these other chicks be lyin’
I done been through way too much
Pray the Lord gon’ wait for us
‘Cause where we from, it’s dangerous
Pray that they don’t play with us
I never told the world stories ’bout what we did
I’m just glad I live life after what I been through and look how we live
[?] I’ma have tuition paid for all my kids
My nephew daddy locked up, gotta do a bid, I’ma treat him like my kid
Send a prayer, be okay
Some things that I go through, like no way (No way)
Not tryna go back to the old days
Know they want me back to my old ways
[?] like I’m no slave
Bring straight to your door just like we PostMates
Fell out with one of my partners, now we post mates
And I fell in love with his girl, she think we close mates
Know the Devil always plottin’
They don’t like my swag they tryna set it up and cock it
I been eatin’, gettin’ stocky
For the things that we done did, no, we can’t get away
One thing that I know, God love me more than he did yesterday