Toosii – Only Me Lyrics

(Run it back again)

[Verse 1]
I done made it out the trenches, I got far from the streets
If you love me, got to love me, put your all into me
Know I pray to God, everyday the Devil callin’ on me
Tell them boys on the other side, I wish they all be deceased
Know they gon’ fall when we creep
I done did too much, still leavin’ blood, it’s all in the streets
Speeding way too fast, my homie Wockhardt all in the seats
Told her when we make love, catch it, it can’t be all in thе sheets

They ain’t never gon’ undеrstand it
Shit I go through with, sometimes I sit back I gotta kick my pimpin’
Main one
For the most part, I’ma always be me
When it rain, it rain, and when it leave a stain, it leave a stain, you know what it is

[Verse 2]
Got a leash around on my neck, I can’t go far from the beats
When I’m layin’ on my back, the stars be harder to see
Gotta get up off my ass and go be all I can be
Said don’t call me for no shows if you gon’ call me for free

And my brother case got fucked up by his co-defendant
They was goin’ door to door, try to act like they Jehovah witness
Who thought a nigga retired? They was paintin’ pictures
I was on the football team, still ain’t keep me from detention

[Verse 3]
If you love me, I just feel like you gotta show me
I done been around too many phonies
True, out here lonely
Don’t [?]
It’s only, it’s only, it’s only, it’s only, it’s only, it’s only, it’s only

Aha, oh, so, what you now?
But last night when you beat the fuck out my ass, nigga, you weren’t sayin’ that shit
Laid the fuck up like a bitch, but it’s all good
Speaking of bitches
Your baby mom, real insecure lookin’ at my stories
Niggas really ain’t shit, this good
Cut this whole shit down, you think you can fly me out?
You really think you met your match? You have no idea
This shit’s chess not checkers
Hm, you’ll see