Mick Jenkins – ROY G. BIV Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Was this freckle face nigga, Muggs, used to call Red
Roll tide soul, had auburn in his hair
Light brown skin, a family trait he didn’t share
Used to try to make niggas use his real name instead

Color theory (Uh)
Color theory

[Verse 2]
It’s a whole lot of green
All kind of green in this bitch
I understand why it infatuate
You could be in limelights too, hmm
All you got to do is exaggerate
Smokin’ on somethin’ chartreuse
I guess a nigga tend to oversaturate with this hue
See, blue faces and jaded eyes
And olive branches, and blatant lies, you can get this too

Color theory

[Verse 3]
What brush strokе did you get stuck in?
What kind of pallet you mixed up in?
What pеrspective did your shit upend? Hmm
Them black lights come out and we see that we all stained
Them pink slips come out and you can’t have enough drive
They been pulling yellow cards on the squad all game
We just tryna kick it, Channel Orange got enough vibes
Can I be frank? Fuck the silver and blonde
Need these ebony flows out the white gaze and beyond
Ain’t no more gray area though, that ain’t the shade that we on

Color theory