[Intro: Telephone operator]
–corded and may be monitored
If you do not wish to receive this call, please hang up now
This call is originating from the correctional centre

[Verse: YP14]
Long time that I ain’t seen Freddy
Been a year since I seen Fili
Why the cops tryin’ to lock my brothers, lad?
Swear mothers, they got too many
Free T and Lekks, Decon Chef
Cell got pinched for GBH
Free lil’ Lebbs, that’s Trevor
But this ain’t a game like GTA
And the gang still tryin’ to get Franklin
That’s paper, free Taylor
Cops got my crew on the radar
‘Cause we stack more bread than a baker
Free Muggz, that boy got pinched for drills
I don’t know when I’ma see him again
My sidе be way too active
Why you think therе’s ten in the pen?
Free all my men in the pen
There’s way too much
And when Marlay was outside
I swear every week, man, an opp got touched
And if Shifty was in the mix
Any opp that slipped, that boy got cut
So they can’t talk about riding
‘Cause they’re lyin’
That side don’t get no dubs, nah