cuba lake Lyrics - ​guardin — Paroles de Chansons


I fell asleep in the back seat
With my eyes wide shut bumping back street
We arrived on time to the crash scene
I just stared as I saw my body pass me
I swore that this shit happened last week
Gotta hunch it’s a recurring bad dream
Had a bunch last year when they were asking
What is it that you fear in your passing

[Verse 1]
What is it that you fear in your passing
Maybe death but it’s more so in the crashing
Do I feel everything as it’s flashing
Do I care, does it hurt yeah I’m asking
‘Cause I don’t have a clue how to feel
Why do all of these dreams seem so real
Would it change if I just took the wheel
I watch all four tires squeal

[Verse 2]
Stuck in a nightmare
Scared by where my eyes stare
No clipping through my car door
My body will just lie there
Reaching towards the sky stairs
You won’t make it I swear
The current is pulling me
I’m hoping I don’t die here

Floating to the surface
I guess life is worth it
Beat the fuck out of myself
Tell me that I deserve it
Anxious as a person
For that I am certain
I embody all my fears
And wear them like a curtain