on the road Lyrics - guardin feat. chas m — Paroles de Chansons


Remember when they said we wouldn’t strive?
But we wrote it out and cracked the fucking code (Cracked the fucking code)
Remember when we lost our fucking minds?
So sedated shit but now we on the road
Yeah, now we on the road
Heading out on tour the journey just began (Journey just began)
I ain’t ever done this shit before, the pressure comin’ in (Pressure comin’ in)
And if we comin’ to your city hope you catch me if you can (Catch me if you can)
They’ve been asking how I did it but the answer is a plan (Answer is a plan)

So I slipped into the void and let that shit just free my mind (Free my mind)
Threw my clothes inside a suitcase one month after I got signed (After I got signed)
Independence gave me purpose and my team always aligned (Team always aligned)
I put my heart into this music left everything else behind (Everything else behind)
And if you wondering about me, I guess I’ve been doing fine (I’ve been doing fine)
Found knowledge inside my compass on interstate 95 (95)
From Florida to Philadelphia smoking palm in the pines (In the pines)
My purpose is proving to you what’s possible within time (Within time)
With a conscience so fucking heavy and everything on the line (Everything on the line)
You’ll lose yourself in the midst always noted of all the signs (Noted of all the signs)
Too focused on criticism opinions of the divine (Opinions of the divine)
My art is a fucking vessel ventriloquist-ing my spine

Remember when we cut the line and said we with the band?
Had a bottle of some Henny and we shaking lots of hands
Yeah, this is so unusual but fuck it here’s the plan
We gon’ sip another Claw and play some Cee-lo in the van
Play some Cee-lo in the van (Cee-lo in the van)
Then we post it on the gram
Life is but a dream when you’ve been feelin’ like the man (Feelin’ like the man)
I’ll wake up tomorrow, different city, different fans
I’ve been dreaming about this shit since the day I learned to stand

And I wake up take a puff of the pen
Me and bro were smokin’ tryna ascend
To the clouds
Different shows
Different towns
Different lives that I see
Different vibes that I read
Hope I make my life just like my dreams
I don’t care if I go to extremes
It’s inside my genes so it seems
So I’mma be best and surpass with my team, yeah

(Remember when they said we wouldn’t strive?
But we wrote it out and cracked the fucking code, yeah
Remember when we lost our fucking minds?
So sedated shit but now we on the road
Yeah, now we on the road
Now we on the road)