Ben Folds – What Matters Most Lyrics

I could not see the haze back in the day
When we lived inside of it
Now I’m floating away
And haunting the halls night and day
Out in some storage space out on the highway
Fifteen years tossed in boxes
Chocked with old bills, phones, pictures and trash
Oh, the dramas and memories attached

Now I’m wondering
What matters most?

A true friend is someone who when you are with them
You know what matters most
Oh, but that door slammed so tight
With you and our time trapped behind it
Now you’re floating away
But in these days of overwhelming change
I just wanna know what I want
Bеcause I only seem to know what I don’t

With so little time
What mattеrs most?

Tell me what
What matters most?

I keep going for the phone
To send you a note with the news
And I’m thinking, « Man, you won’t believe this »
You’re gone
Sorting through photos of fake smiles and photos of real ones
Now I’ve thrown the whole lot in the bin
Just got a glimpse
Of what matters most

Tell me what
What matters most?